Why eat plant based?

Health Benefits

The next time you're on Netflix check out Forks Over Knives and What the Health?!

The following YouTube videos are also definitely worth a watch: 

Dr. Greger Top 15 Causes of Death https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30gEiweaAVQ

Dr. Barnard - Dairy 


Environmental Benefits

Did you know animal agriculture contributes more greenhouse gases than the entire transport industry combined? 

Have a look at Cowspiracy on Netflix to learn more about the environmental impact of consuming animal products. If you don't have Netflix, click below to watch.

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World Hunger Benefits

The world's population is approximately 7.6 billion people. We grow enough food to feed 11 billion people. Yet 925 million people are starving. That's more than the population of the U.S, Canada and the entire European Union combined, because we feed animals food we could be feeding to humans.

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Eat Peacefully

Unfortunately there is just no way of consuming animal products that doesn't incur suffering. Eating plant based is the most peaceful way of nourishing your body.

To learn more I'd recommend:

Gary Yourofsky's 'The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear'